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Clockwise from top: 1. Ivy Earrings by Cleison Roche, 18k yellow gold, rhodolites, rubies, pink and green tourmalines, citrines and diamonds, $3,500. 2. Square earrings / cuff links by Barbara Seidenath. Articulated Enamel, 24k yellow gold and sterling silver, $850. 3. Infinity Ring by Claudia Endler - 18k white gold with 36ct. Aquamarine, $3,600. 4. "Bloom" necklace by Wendy Hacker Moss, stainless steel mesh, sterling silver, 24k vermeil, freshwater pearls, $1,800. 5. Cuff by Ceeb Wasserman with semi-precious stones, sterling silver, $1,900. 6. Ring by Claudia Endler, 18k yellow gold, turquoise stone and green diamond accents, $4,400. 7. Three Flower earrings by Cleison Roche, 18k yellow gold, tourmalines & diamonds, $1,900. 8. Cara Croninger clear resin bangle, $325. 9. Orbit ring by Sergey Jivetin, 18k white gold, Nitinol, $1,800. 10. Spectrum Award winning earrings by Claudia Endler, platinum, chocolate diamonds, carnelian. 11. Cuff by Tana Acton, 18k gold filled wire, Keshi pearls, adjustable, $400. 12. Cuff by Tana Acton, Asymmetrical in 18k gold filled-wire, $300.